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Nuclear Waste Management

Comprehensive nuclear waste management services by qualified industry experts.

Capabilities in Radioactive Waste Management

  • Sampling of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste
  • Characterization of Radioactive Waste
  • Applications of Gamma Spectrometry
  • Scaling Factor Development – Measurements Data Assessment and Modeling Predictions
  • Assessment of Decommissioning Waste Characteristics
  • Non-Destructive Examination of the Integrity of Waste Containers
  • Development of Waste Forms
  • Management of Spent Ion Exchange Resins
  • Tritium and Carbon-14 Monitoring and Control
  • Processing of Liquid Wastes
  • Decontamination of Liquid Wastes
  • Recovery of Carbon-14 from Ion Exchange Wastes by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide 
  • Assessment and Monitoring of Dry Storage Containers for Used Fuel
  • Consultation

Practical solutions

Kinectrics has the advanced capabilities to handle a wide range of projects including:
  • Sampling and Characterization of Spent Ion Exchange Resins
  • Assessment of the Conditions  of Store Carbon Steel Containers
  • Development of the Dry Storage Container for Storing Used Fuel 
  • Gas Generation within Stored Spent Resin Containers
  • Position Paper on the Status of Containers for Used Nuclear Fuel
  • Tritium Recovery Solutions
  • Development of Scaling Factors
  • Support for Shipment of Liquid Radioactive Waste
  • Processing of Radioactive Waste Oils
  • Conditioning of Radioactive Waste