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Power Transformers - Frequency Response Analysis

Proven technique to detect mechanical changes inside a power transformer

Transformer Aging Management

The Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) test is recognized in the electricity industry as one of the best techniques available for detecting mechanical changes inside a power transformer. FRA measures the complex frequency response of a transformer that defines the dynamic characteristics as a RLC network. The frequency-dependent behavior of complex distributive RLC networks helps to describe the internal components of a transformer. 

The FRA test was developed at Kinectrics Inc. using a network analyzer in 1978, when the company was known as the Research Division of Ontario Hydro. FRA testing has been used more extensively in the last 10 years by taking advantage of digital automatic measurement software and hardware.  

Application of FRA:

  • Assurance of proper shipping, especially overseas transportation
  • Creating a baseline for any future comparison
  • Mechanical integrity and health of active-parts
  • Detecting mechanical faults

Kinectrics offers a full range of routine, type, and advanced tests for power transformers and has over 30 years experience in providing FRA testing services. Our capabilities include: performing FRA testing analysis, interpreting test results, and assisting utilities with decision making based on the results.