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PowerKage™ - An Overview

Effective Intrusion deterrent technology for power facilities--based on scientific study and rigorous field testing
Over the past several years, Kinectrics has used its well established technical knowledge base in the electricity industry to develop, design and install successful deterrent technologies to prevent outages caused by animal intrusion in power facilities.  
Kinectrics animal control solution is based on the patented PowerKage™ non-electric fence, which can also be used in combination with other barrier systems.  The Kinectrics PowerKage™ non-electric fence provides:
  • A highly- effective animal deterrent
  • Safe, practical, product requiring minimal or no maintenance
  • A reliable, durable installation, (e.g. greater than 20-year life cycle)
Advanced Research and Design
Since first becoming commercially-available in 2001, PowerKage™ has proven to be 100% effective in preventing ground passage of small animals into power facilities.  The technology evolved from an original Ontario Hydro Technologies (Kinectrics predecessor company) experimental program conducted over several years to test a variety of fence designs.  A non-electric design was found to the most effective deterrent for squirrels, raccoons and skunks and the design was patented.
Modular Components
PowerKage™ is easy to install, disassemble or reconfigure.  The modular design of the fence system allows operators to easily remove or take down sections to allow access to work locations as required. The basic fence components consist of 6, 4, 3-foot and 26”units, units, and inside / outside and adjustable angled corner units. 
Practical Access
PowerKage™ gates are designed to provide easy facility access for both vehicles and authorized personnel and can be readily accessed by facility staff in seconds. Personnel gates are constructed in six-foot panel sections with the spring self-closing staff gate being mounted with robust heavy-duty double hinges, which provide a four foot opening with left and right hinge options.
The vehicle gate provides an access opening of 12-16 feet within a 24 to 32-foot unit. Vehicle gates have robust heavy-duty double hinges allowing operators to fold both gates nearly180 degrees.  Gates come with bolt action locks that can be padlocked. Snow does not have to be shoveled from the inside of truck gates for winter access, as the gates open outward and plows can be used to clear the snow. Installation of vehicle and personnel gates is recommended if frequent access is required.
Durable Construction
Posts and support bars that provide the structural backbone for each fence component, and the wire mesh (½-3/4 inch openings) covering the lower portion of the fence are constructed from steel, welded to form a singular frame.  The upper section of the PowerKage™ fence consists of 22-gauge galvanized sheeting with a powder-coated finish, and is custom formed to fit the curve of the fence top. 
When installed, each section of fence is in direct metal-to-metal contact with adjacent sections. Adjacent sections are secured with three galvanized (or stainless steel) bolts. PowerKage™ is designed to provide decades of reliable service.
Flexible Design
Designed to minimize interference with the operation of substation equipment, the PowerKage™ system can be laid out to accommodate any constraints required by the utility for safety and operations. For example, the fence can be set close to operating fuses and switches to provide access from outside the fence, or far enough away that it will not interfere with an operator’s switch pole.
Fence construction materials are based on engineering principals that maintain safety and durability. PowerKage™ maintenance is minimal. The system does not require servicing by an electrician and there are no electrical components or controllers, which could be subject to damage by lightning or other environmental conditions.
The only installation and maintenance tools required after unloading are a level, rake, shovel, and wrench set. Barring an exceptional weather event (Act of God) or vehicle accident, spare parts are not required.
Fence installation layouts can be configured to contain specific problem areas, i.e. using one or more, smaller fence enclosures within the utility premises. Layouts can be modified or expanded to accommodate equipment changes or substation expansion as required.
Functional, Value-added System
In circumstances where costs of animal-related outages are high, the payback period for PowerKage becomes very short—usually one outage. PowerKage™ provides a practical, humane, and highly-effective option in preventing power outages caused by animal intrusion.