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Pressure Tube Surveillance - PTS - Tooling

A Complete Tooling System for Pressure Tube Cutting and Inspection
Powerful Tooling Solutions
The operation of CANDU plants requires the periodic removal and testing of Pressure Tubes (PT) as per the CSA N285.4 standard.  Testing of removed PTs is a key part of life cycle management to ensure CANDU plants operate within their design basis. 
Once removed, a PT and the corresponding End Fittings (EF) must be visually examined, and selected sections removed for subsequent testing and analysis. 
Kinectrics offers a complete solution for the visual inspection and cutting of the PTs and corresponding EFs. 
Challenging Spaces and Environments
As the PTs are highly radioactive, cutting operations must be performed with adequate radiological protection.  Irradiated Fuel Bays (IFB) or other deep pools of water are a practical means of providing sufficient radiological protection.  As cutting operations are fairly precise and the working space is tight, challenges arise in positioning of the tubes for cutting. The equipment must also be designed for underwater use with remote operating capability.
The Kinectrics solution addresses challenging PT/EF handling due to the depth of operation (5.5 m or 18 ft.) and the tight space with many obstacles. The solution includes the use of special, long- reach tools and water-powered cutting equipment.
The Kinectrics IMS team has unique and significant experience in the development of equipment for IFB operations.
Adaptable Technology
The Kinectrics tooling solution can be adapted to suit a variety of different irradiated tubes and pipes and requirements, including:
  • Larger or smaller diameter tubes/ pipes
  • Different tube / pipe materials
  • Variety of cutting operations

Operational Background

The Kinectrics solution includes a saw table with multiple fixtures for radial and axial cuts, featuring an arbour, easily movable to the various fixtures, long-reach tooling for handling and manipulating the PTs/EFs, and inspection equipment for measuring and visual examination, as well as a vacuum system for removal of cutting debris from the IFB.

Fail-Safe Design
The design includes features to ensure that the tooling is recoverable in the event of failures, or unexpected events in the IFB. It has been developed to stringent design considerations for failure modes and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME).


Cost-Effective Client Benefits

Kinectrics’ PTS Tooling solution provides clients with several important benefits, including:
  • A proven design based on experience with operations in challenging work spaces and environments
  • Working with a  range of pipe geometries and delivering a diverse and adaptable selection of tools
  • Adaptable to customer-specific requirements and needs
  • Industry-leading experience in overcoming challenging requirements
  • Extensive tooling deployment experience, from tooling design through to data analysis and reporting, to support effective plant life management
  • Tooling and equipment  to support effective plant life management
  • Enhanced capability to predict and estimate costs