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Qualification Testing for OPGW and ADSS Cables

Comprehensive testing to IEEE standards

Kinectrics performs Qualification Testing for OPGW and ADSS components to meet IEEE standards.

OPGW Components

Cable standard: IEEE 1138-2009

  • Testing and performance for OPGW for use on electric utility power lines
  • Cable standard: IEEE 1138-2009
  • Five cable characteristics tests: Creep, Stress-strain, Strain margin, Ultimate tensile Strength, DC resistance
  • Four Installation tests: Sheave, Crush, Bend, Twist
  • Eight in-service tests: Aeolian vibration, Galloping, Short Circuit, Lightning Arc, Water Ingress, Seepage of Flooding Compound, Temperature Cycle, Salt Spray Corrosion

Hardware standard: IEEE 1591.1-2012

  • Testing and Performance of Hardware for OPGW
  • Test classification: Hardware characteristics - Installation tests - In service  

ADSS Components

Cable standard: IEEE 1222-2011

  • Testing and performance for ADSS for use on utility power lines

Hardware Standard: IEEE 1591.2-DRAFT

  • Testing and performance of hardware for ADSS

WRAP Cable

Cable standard: IEEE 1594-2008

  • Standard for Helically Applied Fibre Optic Cable Systems (Wrap Cable) for use on overhead utility lines

Hardware standard: IEEE 1591.3-2011

  • Qualifying hardware for helically-applied fibre Optic Cable Systems (WRAP Cable)

Specialized Testing Facilities

Large walk-in thermal chamber (-40oC to +85oC)

Sheave frames - Single sheave and 3 wheel sheave

  • 2x vertical tension / compression facilities (120,000 lbf & 600,000 lbf, 3m)
  • Fatigue Machine
  • Individual Wire Tests

Aeolian vibration - 4 x 30 m vibration spans

Creep spans - 12x spans

  • High capacity (up to 35,000 lbf)
  • Insulated spans
  • Up to 15m length

Galloping span - 40 m

Horizontal Tension Test Facilities - 2x 15 m

  • 100,000 lbf & 200,000 lbf