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Featured Case Study

Kinectrics outlines a client project involving a successful removal of the hottest fugitive particle in the history of nuclear power generation.

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Successful refurbishment and return of two CANDU heat exchangers to the client after shell removal, chemical cleaning and new shell installation with the support of Kinectrics’ Analytical Chemistry Laboratory.

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Kinectrics successfully performed an examination of the FRP components in a CANDU station during the course of the client’s Vacuum Building Outage.

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Radioactive Decontamination Services

Facilities and Expertise to Support Large-Scale Decontamination Projects

Accredited Facilities

Kinectrics’ Decontamination and Refurbishment Facility (DRF) and Radioactive Materials Laboratory (RML) are fully licensed by the CNSC to allow disassembly, radiation assessment and cleaning of large components and equipment.

Objects previously decontaminated by Kinectrics include:

  • Waste drums and tankers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pump motor windings
  • Skids used for vacuum drying of drained systems
  • Various equipment such as valves, tools, air hoses and electrical cables

Specialized Capabilities

The Kinectrics RML facility includes a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory that is capable of supporting projects with demanding radiological and radio-analytical characterization requirements. Once the nature and extent of radioactive contamination is assessed, decontamination of radioactive components to unconditional clearance levels, or exemption criteria, is performed using a variety of applicable techniques such as:

  • Mechanical
  • Water Jetting
  • Chemical Etching
  • CO2 (Dry Ice) Blasting

Confirmatory radiation surveys are done during and at the end of decontamination activities to ensure exemption or unconditional clearance levels are met.

Wastes resulting from clean-up operations are handled and disposed of according to the regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to radiation evaluation and decontamination capabilities, Kinectrics offers the following services and support.

  • Shipping of radioactive components, including procurement of specialized IP-2/3 and Type A/B containers.
  • Radiation safety planning, radiation protection and monitoring
  • Specialized tooling and chemical processes for decontamination to free-release limits while minimizing waste volumes
  • Processing and decontamination of radioactive and mixed liquid wastes
  • Waste characterization for shipping, incineration and disposal

Assessment of decommissioning characteristics