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Radioactive Materials Laboratory - Overview

A large, new facility designed and built specifically for the handling and testing of radioactive materials.


Complete Radioactive Materials Lab Facility - Available 24/7

The Kinectrics Radioactive Materials Laboratory permits radiochemical measurements on inactive samples (very low level, natural abundance) as well as conventional measurements on radioactive materials. Although normal operations are 5 days per week, all services are available 24/7, even on short-term notice.


Radioactive Materials Management, Handling and Transportation


Kinectrics is licensed by the CNSC to handle a variety of radioactive samples, including those with high contact fields, subject to prior arrangements with clients.

In addition to various radiochemical measurements, we can perform most conventional analyses on active materials including ICPMS, microscopy, ion chromatography, HPLC, X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence.

We routinely provide extensive analytical support and documentation for the shipment of liquid radioactive waste from generating stations to a final processing site. Wastes are characterized for hazardous and radiochemical constituents, as well as other physical and chemical parameters.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Kinectrics’ Radioactive Materials Lab and other advanced technical facilities offer broad-based capabilities for the nuclear industry including: 

Radioactive Waste Management Capabilities

  • Sampling of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste
  • Characterization of Radioactive Waste
  • Applications of Gamma Spectrometry
  • Assessment of Decommissioning Waste Characteristics
  • Development of Waste Forms
  • Management of Spent Ion Exchange Resins
  • Tritium and Carbon-14 Monitoring and Control
  • Processing and Decontamination of Liquid Wastes
  • Non-Destructive Examination of the Integrity of Waste Containers
  • Assessment and Monitoring of Dry Storage Containers for Used Fuel
  • Drum Cleaning

Specialized Service 

  • Material qualification
  • Waste characterization for shipping and incineration
  • Characterization of steam generator deposits
  • On-site support for boiler, stator and other chemical cleans
  • Characterization of PWR cladding deposits
  • Characterization of unknown deposits and materials
  • Laboratory qualification for ISO 17025
  • Installation of instruments and on-site training on specific methodologies
  • Isotope ratios for neutron absorbers
  • Alpha dosimetry
  • Radiochemical characterizations of all media for environmental assessments for new build or refurbishments
  • Source term characterizations
  • High-level tritium laboratory


Measuring Instruments


Kinectrics’ Radioactive Materials Laboratory facilities contain conventional as well as radiochemical measurement instruments.  

Radiochemistry Instruments


  • Gamma spectrometers with hyperpure Ge detectors
  • Liquid scintillation counters
  • Alpha spectrometers
  • Low level beta counter


Conventional Instruments


  • X-ray fluorometer (Oxford)
  • X-ray diffractometer (Philips)
  • ICPAES – Spectro Ciros Vision (120nm to 770nm)
  • ICP-MS (Bruker/Varian 820 with laser ablation and HPLC; PE-Sciex Elan 6100 DRC)
  • Optical microscopes (magnifications up to1280X)
  • Ion chromatographs
  • Gas chromatographs
  • FTIR


Qualified Scientists and Professional Staff


Kinectrics’ Radioactive Materials Laboratory staff consists of highly qualified scientists and technicians. Scientists typically hold doctoral degrees in chemistry, and have a minimum of 20 years experience in chemical measurements relating to the power generation, transmission utility, and other industries. In addition to several years of experience, all technical personnel hold university degrees or community college diplomas.



The team has responded on a number of occasions to concerns regarding deposits and debris produced by refurbishment work. Varied radioactive waste materials were analyzed to provide full chemical compositions as well as complete characterization of all potential isotopes of concern (H-3, C-14, Sr-90, Fe-55, gamma emitters, alpha emitters) in order to assess health hazard concerns. 


Accreditation, Licensing and Documentation


Kinectrics’ Radioactive Materials Laboratory is licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and is accredited by The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to ISO17025 for many tests, including most radiochemical tests.

Kinectrics maintains valid permits for environmental, and other tests under SCC and 10 CFR 50 App B. Kinectrics is registered under the ISO 9001:2008 quality system to ensure full compliance with audit trail requirements and to permit easy retrieval of data dating back approximately 10 years.