Picture of 3 cables

Self-Healing Polymeric Cables

The outer protective sheath of a cable is key to ensuring a long life for the asset. Any damage during manufacture, installation or through its use, can lead to water entry and high consequential damage​. The ability for a cable to naturally and repeatably heal itself, re-establishing the waterproof barrier preventing further damage, and avoiding catastrophic failure and expensive repair, is now possible. Contact us to learn more about our self healing capabilities. 

Self-Healing Insulation Fluids

Fluid-filled hollow core and pipe-type cables were once commonplace before the advent of extruded polymeric cable technology. These older cables remain important operational assets. These are extremely and expensive difficult to replace. Due to their age, they are prone to leak cable fluid with costly environmental and economic consequences. Kinectrics have developed a self-healing fluid that has all the insulating properties required; on contact with external air this fluid will form a skin to stem the leak.​​​​