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SorbWeb™ Plus Product Summary

A range of innovative products for effective secondary oil leak containment.

SorbWeb™ Plus Secondary Oil Containment System (SOC)

As in the original system, SorbWeb™ Plus products allow rainwater to pass through easily, collecting oil only if a transformer or other electrical equipment unit leaks.  In the case of catastrophic equipment failure and oil spill-over, the SorbWeb™ Plus SOC system, the co-polymer, seals the containment area.

The sealing is permanent, giving operators sufficient time to take remedial action. A SorbWeb™ Plus demonstration system set up in the Kinectrics environmental lab has been saturated with several inches of oil and has remained effectively sealed for more than a year.

SorbWeb™ Plus Trays & Catch Basin Oil Interceptors

In order to properly manage chronic transformer leaks, Kinectrics has developed SorbTray.  SorbTray is based on the same principles as the SorbWeb™ Plus SOC to provide effective oil spill containment.  Oil containment is possible through a tray placed under a leak to retain the oil, while at the same time water is allowed to percolate through without retention. Kinectrics can design and build SorbTray with different spill containment capacities. 

SorbWeb™ Plus SorbSeals

Flanges and similar connection points within a transformer are major sources of leaks in electrical units.   In order to minimize or eliminate oil leaks in these locations, Kinectrics has developed the SorbSeal system which, when installed around a leaking flange, will slow and potentially seal the leak.

The seal is a temporary measure that allows utility owners to control and manage leaks until the transformer can be permanently fixed.  SorbSeal has a rubbery consistency that does not present any impediment to disassembly of the flange when the repair work is implemented.

Oil leaking from transformers is adsorbed by the adsorption layer of the tray.  When the adsorption layer is saturated, additional oil seeps downward, reacting with the oil absorbing co-polymer sealing the tray or interceptor.  Based on the leak rate, SorbTray can be designed to remain in place, functioning effectively for a prolonged period of time.

Following required corporate oil waste management guidelines, once the tray seals, the contents can be removed and disposed of. The old cartridge can be replaced with fresh material and returned to service.