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SorbWeb™ Plus Secondary Oil Containment (SOC) System

SorbWeb™ Plus - An effective environmental protection system against oil spills and leaks.

Practical Containment of Secondary Oil Spills

New regulations for Secondary Spill Oil Containment have created a growing need for practical, effective Secondary Spill Oil Containment and Oil Leak Management systems. As costs for soil remediation increase, current industrial alternatives remain cost prohibitive or fail to provide adequate protection. Innovative SorbWeb™ Plus technology from Kinectrics enables efficient management of oil spill risk—with lower capital outlays and a near perfect elimination of maintenance costs.

Kinectrics’ economical SorbWeb™ Plus secondary oil containment system is an effective and reliable passive oil leak and spill management system that provides continuous protection against oil spills and leaks associated with transformers, capacitors, storage tank facilities and other oil-filled equipment.

SorbWeb™ Plus seals only once in contact with oil in the oil spill containment area. Until the system seals, it allows water from rain or snow melt to pass through its “smart” barrier layers without accumulating, while retaining any oil that might leak from the transformer.

A Unique Design

SorbWeb™ Plus is a gravity-based subterranean secondary oil spill containment system that surrounds oil-filled equipment with geosynthetic materials. The system effectively traps oil from catastrophic oil spills and leaks.

SorbWeb™ Plus system components include:

  • A synthetic impermeable liner
  • An adsorbent filter layer
  • A retention layer of oil-absorbing material that seals on contact with hydrocarbons

SorbWebTM  Plus SOC Benefits

  • Engineered secondary oil spill containment system using electrical utility best practices to contain rainfall event, deluge and transformer oil volume
  • Unique flexible design to fit equipment arrangement
  • Minimum site intrusion and disturbance required for installation
  • Passive secondary oil containment and leak management system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 24/7 protection in the event of a spill or leak
  • No mechanical parts or electrical control systems required