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Spacer Location and Repositioning LIM Control Centre - SLAR LCC

A Control Centre to Perform SLAR Activities
Expert Solution
During operation of the CANDU reactors, the function of the spacers is to separate the hot Pressure Tube (PT) from the much cooler Calandria Tube (CT). This separation is critical in the prevention of brittle hydride blisters in older tubes with elevated hydrogen concentration levels. The gradual temperature and radiation induced sag of the pressure tube requires that the spacers be in their proper locations in the pressure tube to avoid contact with the Calandria. The SLAR system is used to locate, and if necessary, re-position the loose fuel channel spacers throughout the design life of the fuel channel.
SLAR LIM Control Centre (LCC) provides power, protection, control and instrumentation functions for SLAR Linear Induction Motors (LIM). In addition, a Test LIM located inside the LCC can be used to test, troubleshoot and commission operation of the LCC.
Kinectrics has developed SLAR LCC to control and protect LIMs during SLAR operation and LCC has successfully been deployed in field applications.
Proven Technology / Unique Expertise
As the developer of LCC, Kinectrics has in-depth knowledge of this technology and is the only company to test and calibrate it before deploying the SLAR tool in CANDU nuclear power plants. The Kinectrics IMS team has unique and significant field experience, including successful LCC calibration campaigns in the Pickering and Bruce Power Nuclear Generating stations since 2002.
Cost-Effective Client Benefits
Kinectrics’ SLAR LIM Control Centre provides clients with several important benefits, including:
An effective system to protect SLAR LIMs and pressure tubes from various damages during SLAR outages.
  • The ability to monitor condition of the LIMs during a SLAR Campaign.
  • LCC calibrations and functional testing are performed before use in each SLAR outage, or annually, to ensure reliable operation.
  • A tool to support effective plant life management.