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Power Systems and Substation Services

RTDS Computer Lab
New, advanced lab facilities and complete services by industry substation experts

The need to satisfy increased customer reliability expectations while operating in a difficult, cost-conscious competitive environment has encouraged many utilities to refurbish, or build substations with integrated protection, control, monitoring and metering systems.

Kinectrics’ Substation Automation (SA) specialists can effectively assist vendors and utilities in this process and enable them to avoid costly issues and problems during the integration, operation and maintenance phases.

Power Systems & Substations Services Offerings

       ·          Modern Substation Automation Design
       ·          Preparation of migration strategy guidelines and specifications for
           legacy  SA  systems to the modern SA system with open protocols                               with cost and benefit  analysis
       ·          Component evaluations (Type Testing)
       ·          System architecture evaluations
       ·          Substation Automation technical bid preparation and evaluation
       ·          Project supervision, management and consulting 

       ·          Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) Modelling    

Protection​ and Control

           ·          Preparation of specification and protection SLD

           ·          Technical bid document preparation and evaluation

           ·          Protection and control product evaluation

           ·          Protection homologation tests

           ·          Technical Project supervision and consulting

           ·          24/7 Fault analysis service

           ·          Case simulation in closed loop with RTDS

           ·          Setting investigation

           ·          Scheme verification​​