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TRUSTIE™ (Tiny Rotating Ultrasonic Tube Inspection Equipment) for Steam Generator Inspection

A high-quality proven Ultrasonic inspection system for the inspection of thin-walled, small diameter tubing.

TRUSTIE™ is a system for the ultrasonic inspection of thin-walled, small diameter tubing, such as that found in CANDU steam generators. 

TRUSTIE™ can also be customized to meet other unique tubing and piping inspection applications for high-value components in the nuclear, aerospace, and petrochemical industries.

Benefits of the TRUSTIE™ System

Kinectrics’ TRUSTIE™ system provides clients with several important benefits. The TRUSTIE™ system:

  • Enables effective plant life management
  • Minimizes repair and replacement expenditures
  • Optimizes tube inspection and maintenance scheduling
  • Improves prediction of expenses
  • Protects investment

The TRUSTIE™ system’s pit sizing—which is significantly more accurate than that of Eddy Current—can eliminate the need to plug steam generator tubes and remove them from service.

TRUSTIE™ Uses and Applications

The accurate flaw sizing provided by TRUSTIE™ is used to efficiently monitor growth rates of low-level pit and fret indications for units which remain in service.

Accurate circumferential crack depth profiling has been demonstrated in laboratory and field tube inspections. Kinectrics has completed extensive performance demonstrations which determine indications due to fretting damage and other specialized indications.

The Tiny Rotating Ultrasonic Tube Inspection Equipment system consists of an ultrasonic inspection head, a high-speed rotary/axial drive mechanism, an operator console, and Winspect™ advanced software for data analysis and display. TRUSTIE™ can be controlled through copper cabling up to 600 ft. in length, or remotely, via optical fibre cabling.

TRUSTIE™ Specifications

  • Tube IDs from as small as 8 mm (0.310”)
  • Tube lengths up to 15 m (50’)
  • Ultrasonic inspection frequencies from 5 to 25 MHz
  • Rotation speeds up to 1,000 rpm
  • Typical data collection speeds:
    • 120 mm/min @ 0.2 mm resolution (5”[Root]/min @ 0.008”resolution)
    • 600 mm/min @1 mm resolution (2’/min @ 0.040’ resolution)
    • U-bend inspection on 40 cm (16’) radius for 10 mm (0.400’) ID tubes

Probe Types

  • Normal beam (wall thickness and ID profilometry)
  • Shear wave (axial and circumferential crack)
  • Multiple mode combination (normal beam, circumferential and axial shear waves)

Analytical Methods

  • A, B, C and full waveform scans
  • Line plots, colour plots, isometrics
  • Echodynamics
  • Integrated signal processing (i.e. filtering, spectral analysis)