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The Kinectrics Conductor Temperature Probe - CTP

Practical, Reliable In Situ Temperature Monitoring
The Kinectrics Conductor Temperature Probe (CTP) is a sensor system capable of measuring the surface temperature of bare overhead conductors.  Designed for use by line crews, the CTP system can be used during regular field maintenance to determine the relation between conductor sag measurements and surface temperature.
The temperature probe system offers reliable short-term monitoring of conductor surface temperature. Highly customizable hardware and software that can be changed in-situ offers the flexibility to meet changing needs. Automatic data storage, sampling and calibration of the temperature sensors ensure the highest data traceability.
Using the CTP system removes the guesswork when determining span temperature. The Kinectrics CTP provides a direct method of measurement that is accurate and more reliable than non-contact methods. This capability helps correlate other system parameters, such as sag or ampacity, to conductor temperature. 
  • Short-term monitoring of conductor surface temperature using a system designed for field use.
  • User-friendly software allows sensor parameters to be customized including; temperature alarms, sampling rate, start delay, temperature resolution and mission rollover.
  • Modular temperature sensors allow for increased measurement accuracy based on expected temperature range. The accuracy of the temperature sensors has been validated in a laboratory setting using calibrated thermocouples.
  • Two (2) temperature sensors allow for independent programmable missions to be run simultaneously.
  • Durable hermetically-sealed stainless-steel temperature sensors. Machined parts with low thermal capacitance to minimize heat sink effect during monitoring.
  • Non-conductive materials designed for live line monitoring.
  • Custom interchangeable inserts based on conductor diameter to ensure proper contact during measurements.
  • Clear sensor output in engineering units; optional export to .csv file for additional analysis.
  • Automatic timestamping and time synchronization features for maximum data traceability.
  • Additional data storage features such as internal file directories, calibration data and password protection

Kinectrics offers Conductor Temperature Probe monitoring equipment for purchase. The Kinectrics technical team will support original unit set-up and provide training and demonstrations for probe users. Additional or replacement temperature sensors are also available.