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Toxicity Testing of Active Samples

Standard 17025 accredited toxicity testing using rainbow trout and daphnia magna on radioactive liquid waste. Custom toxicity tests of radioactive soils with other species on request.

Kinectrics is one of few labs licensed to conduct toxicity testing on radioactive effluents and soils. All toxicity tests are carried out under ISO 9001. Routine acute toxicity testing using daphnia magna and rainbow trout, plus chronic toxicity tests using ceriodaphnia and fathead minnows are further accredited to ISO 17025 under the Standards Council of Canada.

Failures are immediately investigated using a standardized set of tests and treatment options, which have been shown to identify the majority of causes of toxicity, or at least indicate the general nature. In all cases, a treatment option is identified.

Rapid response protocols such as the daphnia magna IQ test can be set up as required for special programs.

Recent Project

A series of recurring and increasingly frequent failures of effluents at a major client site was traced to a microbiological issue. Holding tanks had become over-run by micro-organisms, which caused a reduction in dissolved oxygen. This event allowed the proliferation of other species (sulfur-reducing bacteria) which caused direct toxicity in the form of soluble sulphide, as well as secondary toxicity caused by the precipitation of heavy metal sulfides.

The issue was resolved via a major cleanup followed by a change in subsequent operational practices, thus, liquid effluents were not retained in holding tanks for more than a few days, thereby sharply reducing the potential for opportunistic proliferations of micro-organisms.