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Training and Simulation Panels - Sampling

A safe and cost-effective approach for training.

Kinectrics can develop Training Panels which mimic actual plant conditions. These panels can be used to train staff to safely operate systems and extract samples according to approved industry procedures.

Training Panel / Simulation Systems developed by Kinectrics include:

Gas  Sampling

  • Sampling from a closed loop design
  • Sampling from a septum design
  • Sampling in a removable cylinder system

Liquid Sampling 

  • Moderator system sampling
  • Constant flow system sampling
  • Sampling from a dead leg sample line

Chemical Addition

  • Portable addition pump and quick connect injection port 

Training / simulation panels from Kinectrics provide value-added benefits for clients such as:

  • Providing personnel with an opportunity to learn how to collect samples, or change operating conditions--without adversely affecting plant systems.
  • Making available access to low-cost, low-impact training scenarios.
  • Enabling improved operating experience for staff.
  • Establishing rotation capabilities: safe, productive environment for pregnant women
  • Providing the capacity to mimic various conditions and scenarios in one training session.
  • Offering the flexibility to build portable or fixed training panels as required.