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Transformer Services

Expert Services for the Entire Transformer Life Cycle

With our in-depth experience, multidisciplinary experts and specialized test equipment, Kinectrics provides complete transformer testing and consulting services in Canada, the US, and worldwide to ensure the safe, reliable, and effective operation and management of power transformers.

Commissioning, Operations & Life Cycle Management

Kinectrics offers a full range of routine, type, and advanced tests for power transformers throughout their life cycle, from commissioning support and operation maintenance, to repair and de-commissioning.

Specialized testing services include:
  • Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR) programs for utilities, transformer manufacturers, contractors, and other users (DFR testing is the most accurate method available today for estimating moisture in insulation systems)
  • Impulse testing
  • Hi-pot and induced voltage testing, both with Partial Discharge measurement
  • Sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA)
  • PD acoustic localization
Routine testing services include; turns ratio, winding resistance, Power Factor, magnetizing current and insulation resistance.

Partial Discharge Testing

Partial Discharge (PD) can be measured off-line using a high voltage power source, or on-line as the transformer is energized—under load or no-load. Combined with other techniques, PD measurement can fully evaluate power transformer condition and effectively detect insulation problems before catastrophic failures occur.

Oil Testing / Testing of Dielectric Fluids and Gases

Kinectrics’ accredited Petroleum Products Group’s (PPG’s) Chemistry Labs provide a full range of assays on transformer, capacitor, Load Tap Changer, and bushing fluids, ranging from routine testing (PCB, General Oil Quality and Dissolved Gas Analysis) to more complex assays (e.g. bio-degradability), to large-scale R&D testing (e.g. aging testing of fluids and insulation materials; material compatibility testing). Kinectrics’ advanced oil diagnostics provides early warning of incipient fault conditions and we can follow-up with other testing as required.

Forensic Studies and Failure Analysis

Forensics studies are a unique service offered by Kinectrics to help prevent similar failures, better understanding of aging mechanisms, or predict the life of similar transformers currently in service. Services include systems interactions, complete forensic diagnostic electrical and specialized testing, component/materials testing, fluid testing and complete teardown as required.

Design, Manufacturing & Supply Support

Kinectrics is your independent, third-party partner for laboratory testing, electrical and mechanical testing, and consulting services across the entire transformer supply chain:
  • OEM: Transformer OEMs; Component/Material Manufacturers; Transformer fluid producers
  • Repair/Service: Service companies; transformer repair shops
  • End-Users: Electric utilities; Industrials, Wind farms, Photovoltaic plants

Additional Transformer Consulting Services

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) - Kinectrics offers qualified FAT services (independent lab testing or factory test witnessing) and in-plant QA inspections for power transformers directly to end users. Capabilities include: LV distribution and testing, turns-ratio, polarity/phase, DC winding resistance, power factor, core insulation, sweep frequency response analysis, dielectric spectroscopy and DGA.
  • High Voltage and High Current Lab Capabilities - Kinectrics’ HV and HC Lab services include short-circuit, no-load loss and load-loss testing, temperature rise, lightning impulse testing, applied potential testing, induced voltage testing, sound level, RIV, and partial discharge measurement.
  • Transformer and Fleet Condition Assessments - including health indexing.
  • Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC) Vulnerability - our power system engineers can analyze your network, perform grounding studies, and determine the system’s response to the flow of GICs. Our team of transformer experts can assess the specific designs of transformers on your utility system that might present significant operational risk due to Geomagnetic Disturbance Events (“GMDs”) and provide comprehensive reports that fulfil the requirements of NERC TPL-007 from a transformer perspective.
  • Transformer Monitoring Systems