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Featured Case Study

Kinectrics conducted a case study with the CANDU Owners Group (COG) for the implementation of a method to mimic and predict the performance of reinforced concrete structures when subjected to elevated temperatures.

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Concrete Testing Laboratory

Established concrete testing facility providing full support for Kinectrics’ leading edge capabilities in Concrete Assessment and Repair (CAR) services.

Kinectrics’ Concrete Testing Laboratory effectively supports our leading- edge capabilities to provide life extension, protection and improvement services for concrete structures.

Concrete Performance Database

The long history of Kinectrics’ Concrete Testing Laboratory has contributed to its large database which covers the performance of concrete testing and concrete-related materials in a variety of service conditions.

Kinectrics’ ISO 9001 Concrete Testing Laboratory is capable of the complete range of standard and specialized concrete testing prescribed by the CSA, ASTM, CRD and ACI.

  • Development and evaluation of concrete repair materials and procedures to be subjected to service conditions unique to the power industry
  • Development of unique concrete tests and procedures
  • Development and evaluation of special-purpose concretes and other related construction materials
  • Instrumentation and concrete testing of scaled structural elements
  • Scaled model simulations

Specialized Services for Nuclear Concrete Testing

  • CSA N287.2 qualification of materials for nuclear containment structures
  • Universal testing machines with the capability to test specimens at temperatures ranging from -73oC to 315oC
  • Large walk-in environmental chamber with a temperature range of -35oC to 90oC and humidity capabilities
  • High temperature ovens for conditioning and exposure to elevated temperatures
  • Laboratory-scale mixing, casting and curing facilities
  • Data acquisition and instrumentation
  • Outdoor exposure facility