Smart Grid Solutions Overview

GridSim Power Lab

The energy transmission landscape is changing with newer renewable energy sources coming on-line and a growing shift to digitalization, all of which can pose challenges to power grids. With all of these changes, the critical need to maintain grid stability, ensure power quality, enable sector coupling, deal with aging assets, and reduce costs is more important than ever.

Our GridSim Power Laboratory is a state-of-the-art, independent facility developed to provide smart grid solutions, support product certification, research and development for smart grid industries, and help manufacturers and utilities test products and equipment to meet safety requirements.

This newly built facility is capable of testing smart grid systems, renewable generation equipment, traction substation systems, large inverters and other medium voltage power systems over a wide range of voltages and frequencies, and at power levels up to 12 MVA. It can perform testing to UL 1741 and IEEE 1547.1. CSA C22.2 No. 107.1, IEC 62109, IEEE 1653 and many more. This capability suits the interests of manufacturers, developers and utilities to research, develop, test, and certify new technologies. All of this supports safe renewable power integration with the grid as well as enabling electrification of mass transit systems worldwide.

The lab is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund and by Alstom.

Why Us?

  • High Power AC and DC Solution

    We are your one-stop, independent provider of grid related testing services. Our GridSim Power Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility designed to test smart grid systems, renewable generation equipment, and medium voltage power systems over a wide range of voltages and frequencies as well as DC.

  • Your Partner in Achieving Certification

    As a full-service provider with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity and unknowns that come up during testing. If an inverter or medium voltage power system is functioning out of bounds during type testing, our world-renowned expertise will identify, analyze, and help resolve any issues.

  • Accelerate to Market

    Inverter manufacturers can meet modern utility needs and offer compliant grid support to customers by certifying to UL 1741. With a qualified certification in hand, you can accelerate your products to market.

  • Major Project Cost and Time Savings

    Pre-certified inverters deliver cost and time savings by eliminating the need to demonstrate on-site grid compliance to IEEE 1547.1. One-time type-testing of inverters will soon replace field commissioning as a way of attaining grid compliance.