Separately, both the nuclear industry and the pharmaceutical industry have exacting, though often very different, standards. These industries share a need to use exotic and rare materials, undertake accurate and reliable tests, and safely contain and transport their products. In particular, the production of medical isotopes requires compliance with the standards of both industries.

We have entered the medical isotope production supply chain to enhance its capacity to produce medical isotopes using nuclear reactors. We are assisting with the development of new products for which the industry has a pressing need.

In a major breakthrough, we worked with Framatome, our partner in Isogen and Bruce Power, to set up the world's first system for producing medical isotopes on a commercial power reactor. This approach dramatically expands the world's capacity to irradiate targets and produce medical isotopes. This irradiation capacity is sold through Isogen.

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Why Us?

  • We're a Reliable North American Supplier

    Our supply of rare isotope targets brings welcome security to the supply chain, particularly for difficult-to-source stable isotopes like ytterbium-176.

  • Compatible with Power Reactors

    We use our extensive power reactor experience to develop isotope production concepts that are licensable and will work seamlessly with power production.