Medical radioisotopes have revolutionized precision oncology, offering targeted therapies for various cancers, enabling the detection and treatment of heart disease, imaging brain activity, and serving many other functions.

The supply chain for these isotopes is critical. Recent breakthroughs, like the use of lutetium-177 and other short-lived radioisotopes, have posed incredible challenges and opportunities necessitating a new generation of isotope production technologies to meet growing demands.

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Thank you to everyone who attended this webinar on the medical radioisotope supply chain.

Webinar Details

You will gain valuable insights on the measures being taken to support the expansion of this critical aspect of modern healthcare within Ontario and abroad.

Topics to Cover

  • Radiopharmaceuticals overview
  • Medical radioisotopes supply chain
  • Stable isotope enrichment
  • Isotope irradiation

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals in the healthcare industry
  • Researchers
  • Policymakers
  • Students studying related field
  • Anyone with an interest in:
    • The supply of stable or radioactive isotopes
    • Canada’s leading role in the fight against cancer


ABL1 Organization Yousef Yacoob

Yousef Yacoob

Director of Medical Isotope Production & Projects Canada