ICC PES Fall Meeting

The ICC is the IEEE Power & Energy Society's Insulated Conductors Committee. The committee consists of utilities, manufacturers, consultants, and academia, all with the desire to improve insulated conductors, their installation, and their long-term operation.

The ICC develops and maintains the standards that are used to design, specify and purchase much of the cable and cable accessories used in underground distribution and transmission systems, within generating plants and industrial facilities. These standards represent a consensus of industry practice and inform the user of best practices and other important considerations that reduce design time and risk of error. Working with suppliers that adhere to these standards ensures that the insulated cables and accessories purchases are more reliable with a longer service life.

The ICC helps develop and maintain approximately 90 standards that are currently active, with corresponding guides that are critical to utility operations and management. Our guides cover a diverse number of important topics including:

  • Safety
  • Reliability/Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Design & Testing
  • Product Interchangeability
  • Asset Management/Risk Avoidance
  • Field Acceptance Testing
  • Diagnostics & Lifecycle Evaluation

Link to Website: IEEE PES ICC

Our Involvement

  • Exhibit
Kinectrics booth lined with brochures at the 2022 ICC fall meeting