Technology Advances in Assessing Low Voltage Cables

Our expert, Rick Easterling, hosted this informative webinar covering condition assessment methods, degradation, failure mechanism, and much more!

Low voltage cables are mostly 600V cable designs supporting power, instrument, and control functions. Condition assessment of low voltage (LV) cables has its own challenges compared to medium and high voltage applications. Thermal conditions, chemical/wet environments, and in some applications, radiation/UV exposure are the principle stressors that contribute to aging. Voltage stresses normally do not contribute to LV aging. However, thermal aging is the dominant concern.

This webinar covers:

• Overview of Low Voltage Cables
• Degradation and Failure Mechanisms
• Condition Assessment Methods and Challenges
• Breakthru Electrical Technologies for Condition Monitoring
• Laboratory Analysis of Cables

Who Should Attend?

• Cable Program Owners
• Electrical Engineers responsible plant operations
• Facilities Managers/Asset Owners- Critical Assets
• Equipment Qualification Program Owners
• Critical Aerospace Assets
• Critical Infrastructure
• Electrical license renewal

Presenter: Rick Easterling, Director Cable Life Cycle Management

Rick Easterling holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina. He has also completed graduate work in nuclear engineering, energy management, and business from the University of Pittsburgh and Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Easterling has a diverse work experience, including work as a field engineer, chemical water treatment consultant, project and program management at Westinghouse and EPRI, and is currently the Director of US Operations for Kinectrics Medium Voltage Cable and Electrical Services. Mr. Easterling has served on several IEEE Standards Committees and presented a variety of technical papers at IEEE meetings and conferences, particularly on low and medium voltage cables and commercial grade dedication topics.

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