Saskatoon, Canada – Dr. Aamir Husain was the recipient of the 2018 Harold A. Smith Outstanding Contribution Award.

Dr. Aamir Husain was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the nuclear industry in the fields of radiation protection, radioactive waste management, and decommissioning by the Canadian Nuclear Society at this year’s CNS Conference in Saskatoon, SK.

Dr. Husain obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University. Having worked over 35 years in the nuclear field, Dr. Husain made significant contributions to the Canadian nuclear industry. His expertise ranged from many technical areas, including radioactive waste management, activity transport, radiation protection, decommissioning and decontamination and chemical cleaning.

Dr. Husain also contributed to the Canadian and international nuclear community by being an active contributor to various ISO and CSA standards. One of Dr. Husain’s technical contributions includes his non-intrusive characterization work for the radionuclide content of low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste packages, which has been used for decommissioning actives and for developing waste strategies to deal with short and long-term waste in Canada. Dr. Husain’s accomplishments were also complemented by his passion for mentoring the younger generation. He actively participated in projects with the University of Alberta, University of Waterloo, Royal Military College of Canada and a number of other Canadian Universities.

Having retired form Kinectrics in 2017, Dr. Husain was the Technical Director - Nuclear Waste. His contribution to the company and the industry were recognized by the Canadian Nuclear Society, various industry experts, and among many in the Canadian Nuclear Industry. Kinectrics is proud to announce this well-deserved recognition.

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