London, ON – August 15, 2023 - In a strategic effort to help foster growth in the nuclear sector, Kinectrics Inc., a global provider of nuclear lifecycle services, and Western University, a leading Canadian institution, proudly announce the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This MOU, the fourth signed by Kinectrics this month, establishes a blueprint for an enduring partnership with Canadian universities, dedicated to pioneering research, cultivating nuclear talent, and driving the transition towards clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Building on established collaborations between Kinectrics and Western University, this agreement identifies a spectrum of shared research areas aimed at driving advancements in the nuclear sector. This includes intriguing topics such as advanced reactor technologies, small modular reactors, hydrogen applications, decommissioning and waste management strategies, material science breakthroughs, radiopharmaceutical advancements, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence integration. This collaboration will underpin the strategic objectives of Kinectrics and Western University, to foster innovation and knowledge exchange.

Envisioning a future focused on innovative research, Kinectrics and Western University, pledge to nurture the next generation of nuclear leaders. This MOU outlines comprehensive ways for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students to immerse themselves in the dynamic nuclear industry. By bolstering these development streams, we collectively aim to deepen the engagement and expertise of talented individuals. Kinectrics remains committed to forming partnerships with preeminent Canadian universities, with the aim of strengthening the nuclear sector through collaborative research and talent development.

Diversifying our partnership network with esteemed Canadian universities like Western University reflects Kinectrics’ unwavering commitment to drive the nuclear industry's evolution through collaborative research and the cultivation of exceptional talent.

David Harris President and CEO, Kinectrics

I have been really pleased to see the growth of our new Western Nuclear Hub over the past year, and particularly the relationships it has facilitated on and off campus. We look forward to working closely with Kinectrics to strengthen our collective capacity to develop nuclear research and training opportunities that benefit Canadians and help create a more sustainable future.

Bryan Neff Acting Vice-President (Research), Western University

We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Western University, uniting our collective expertise to address the industry's most pressing challenges.

Dr. Sriram Suryanarayan Director of Innovation, Kinectrics

Kinectrics is the category leader in providing lifecycle management services for the electricity industry. Trusted by clients worldwide, our expertise in engineering, testing, inspection, and certification is backed by our independent laboratory and testing facilities, a diverse fleet of field inspection equipment and an award-winning team of over 1,200 engineers and technical experts. From initial design and type testing to operational deployment and maintenance services, Kinectrics collaborates closely with customers to ensure that utility assets perform safely, reliably and efficiently throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Western University delivers an academic experience second to none. Since 1878, The Western Experience has combined academic excellence with life-long opportunities for intellectual, social and cultural growth in order to better serve our communities. Our research excellence expands knowledge and drives discovery with real-world application. Western attracts individuals with a broad worldview, seeking to study, influence and lead in the international community.

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