Toronto, Canada – Kinectrics today held the company’s 17th Annual United Way (UW) Kickoff event in support of the United Way Toronto and York Region.

This year, the company aims to achieve a total of $92,500 in donations company-wide through its annual employee canvas and special fund-raising events such as the CN Tower climb. Kinectrics’ 2017 donation drive was initiated today with a $27,000 cheque being presented by David Harris, CEO, and Larry Gibbons, VP, Human Resources to Sandra Cruickshanks, of West Neighborhood House, an Agency of the United Way.

A large contingent of Kinectrics employees enjoyed an outdoor lunch at the company’s head office while listening to remarks made by Ms. Cruickshanks on the importance of United Way support for local community development and the related advancement of various groups in Toronto.

The UW event also featured a special guest, Paul Boucher, Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer from Bruce Power, who described the Kincardine utility’s safety initiative. Boucher stressed the importance of his organization’s work in maintaining rigorous safety standards in the nuclear industry. The Bruce Power program, with its motto: “You Can Count on Me - Every step, every time, every day”, encourages employees and other nuclear workers to share responsibility for on-the-job safety and remain ever vigilant as individuals, Boucher acknowledged Kinectrics’ ongoing efforts as a member of the same nuclear community facing similar technical challenges. Kinectrics recently marked the important safety milestone of operating over 5 years without a “lost time” accident.

The Kinectrics United Way event today highlighted the commitment of both Kinectrics and Bruce Power in ensuring a high standard of safety for the nuclear industry and, making a positive contribution to growth and stability for people residing in their respective communities.

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