Tiverton, Canada – June 5, 2018 – Kinectrics has signed a multi-year fuel channel inspection tooling agreement with Bruce Power for the supply of Circumferential Wet Scrape Tool (CWEST*) and the Bruce Power Reactor Inspection Maintenance System (BRIMS).

The $9.5 million multi-year contract is a continuation of the existing CWEST* work performed by Kinectrics. The company will also expand its fuel channel inspection services with a BRIMS contract worth $72 million.

BRIMS is an automated delivery system that deploys the fuel inspection and maintenance tools, such as CWEST*, to the pressure tubes. CWEST* is an inspection tool that takes routine samples of the pressure tubes. These automated tools provide significant cost savings to Bruce Power, contributes to their culture of Safety First by reducing radiation dose to workers, and reduces time spent during planned maintenance outages by simplifying tasks and streamlining activities in the vault.

The BRIMS contract will be executed at Kinectrics’ new facility in Tiverton, which was officially opened today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. With Kinectrics opening of a 37,000 sq ft licensed facility in Tiverton, the company can fulfil its Bruce Power contracts just three kilometres from the Bruce site, and utilize PWU and Society staff. These contracts will continue to support the local economy with over 50 full-time, unionized positions over the next year.

“The awarding of these contracts is another milestone in the commitment by Bruce Power and Kinectrics to invest in economic development of the region,” said David Harris, Kinectrics’ President and CEO.

It is through these initiatives that Kinectrics supports Bruce Power nuclear in providing low-cost electricity for families and business for decades through continuous innovation. Bruce Power supplies 30 per cent of Ontario’s energy at 30 per cent less than the average cost to produce residential price.

*CWEST not available for sale outside of Canada until after November 30, 2027.

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