Cernavodă, Romania – S.N. Nuclearelectrica S.A. (SNN) have awarded the contract for ‘Consulting and Engineering Services, Supervision and Monitoring of the Contractor in the implementation of the Cernavoda NPP Tritium Removal Project (CTRF)’ to the Association ICSI (Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Tehnologii Criogenice şi Izotopice) and Kinectrics (Kinectrics Nuclear Romania).

The Association will work with Kinectrics Inc., I.S. Tech, CNP SA and an environmental consultant to provide the full range of support and oversight services to the project.

The expected duration of the contract is 78 months and involves the Association working as an integrated team with CNE Cernavoda to manage the appointment of an Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning (EPCC) Contractor and the subsequent project execution for CTRF. ICSI and Kinectrics will provide project, technical, and safety management of the project and construction and commissioning oversight services over the project lifetime for CNE Cernavoda. Additionally, Kinectrics Inc. will be responsible for providing the nuclear safety and licensing documentation in support of the regulatory authorisations while ICSI will be responsible for obtaining the environmental authorisations for the project. I.S. Tech and CNP SA will provide specialist support for process engineering and commissioning services.

The Project Management Team will be located at CNE Cernavoda and will utilise support staff based in Bucharest, Rm., Valcea, Timișoara and Toronto. This is a multimillion Euro contract.

Cernavoda operates two CANDU-6 reactors which use heavy water as a primary coolant and as a moderator. CTRF will be a new facility constructed on the CNE Cernavoda site and, when operational, will process tritiated heavy water from CNE Cernavoda Units 1 and 2 and separate the tritium which will be stored for future use. Cleaned heavy water will be returned to the operational units for continued use as coolant and moderator. The benefits of CTRF will be a reduction in tritium releases from the site, reductions in potential radiation risk to operators and reductions in operating costs by reduction in tritium concentrations. The CTRF will be a unique design encompassing all current safety and environmental protective measures though based on known, proven technology. The expected lifetime of CTRF is 40 years.​

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