Project Overview

The Periodic Safety Review (PSR) is a comprehensive safety assessment of significant aspects of the design and operation of a nuclear plant, It is carried-out to confirm safe plant operation and to identify any practicable measures that could be implemented to improve safety.

In Romania a PSR is carried-out every 10 years to confirm safe plant operation, with a 10 year PSR look-forward “evaluation period”.

The Cernavoda PSR scope/methodology followed the international specifications including;

  • IAEA SSG-25, “Periodic Safety Review of NPPs”: Provides recommendations and guidance on the conduct of a PSR for an existing Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)
  • CNCAN NORM NSN-10, "Norm for Periodic Safety Review of Nuclear Power Plants”

How we Helped

The project included 28 deliverables which were issued on schedule (PSR Basis, Safety Factor Reports, Global Assessment reports, Global Issues Database) and accepted by the client.

The successful delivery of the project depended on:

  • The project scope, effort and schedule being precisely identified and planned at the proposal stage
  • The work plan and schedule being strictly adhered to at all times
  • An immediate response to any potential deviations from scope or schedule, while ensuring quality was maintained
  • Project team members with significant PSR experience efficiently delivering quality work, on schedule and under budget
  • Quality deliverables leading to minimum client review comments and early acceptance
Photograph of the CANDU facility in Cernavoda, Romania