Project Overview

In CANDU reactors the pressure tubes expand over time as a result of the exposure to high temperatures and radiation. On the Bruce Power Bruce Power reactors this expansion could lead to them losing contact with the east-end bearings. If this happens the reactor would have to be shutdown,

West shift projects involve, quite literally, shifting the tubes west so that contact is retained. Extended west shift projects involve completing the west shift and undertaking other necessary tasks.

How We Helped

EWSP was a challenging, complex, multi-discipline work program that included interrelated projects involving design, stress analysis, safety, fitness-for-service, regulatory interface and maintenance execution over a 3+ year period. This program directly enabled continued operation of Unit 3 at Bruce Power for 18 additional months in the lead up to refurbishment.

We pulled together a multi-departmental team of subject matter experts and analysts to support the interrelated projects. The 16+ projects were managed as an integrated set of inter-dependent scopes requiring on-time handoff between each accountable party leading up to, and into, the actual outage. Delivered products met all quality, schedule and budget expectations in all cases and the maintenance was executed successfully to Bruce Power's satisfaction, with the unit ultimately returning to service without incident.

3D simulation test results depicting deformation on a nuclear component