Kinectrics is currently undertaking a hydrogen feasibility study at its Kipling site. This study focuses on hydrogen production via solid oxide electrolyzers and electricity generation using solid oxide fuel cells. The project encompasses the establishment of an energy refueling station and a power generation facility. Funding for this endeavor is provided by the IESO Hydrogen Innovation Fund, aligning with a larger mission to investigate the role of low-carbon hydrogen technologies in bolstering the reliability of Ontario's energy grid.

The project, in collaboration with Bruce Power and FuelCell Energy, encompasses several crucial aspects. It involves a techno-economic assessment of hydrogen production, primarily as a clean fuel source for heavy-duty vehicles, achieved through high-temperature water electrolysis. Additionally, the study will delve into the utilization of solid oxide fuel cells for power generation. The comprehensive evaluation spans various economic factors, including the costs associated with installation, maintenance, and operation of hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and power generation infrastructure.

A key objective of this project is to showcase the value of hydrogen as an integral component of the electrical grid. Simultaneously, it will pinpoint crucial considerations related to the environment, safety, regulations, and operation that are essential for its effective deployment. Furthermore, this undertaking will serve as a pilot program for broader implementation on a larger scale, including the integration of hydrogen systems with nuclear power plants, including Small Modular Reactors. The project team aims to leverage the insights gained from this pilot to inform future commercial installations of hydrogen electrolyzers and fuel cells.