Above: A rendering of the Helium Test Facility. Photo: ARCO/Murray

An Innovation Hub for Clean Energy and Hydrogen Advancements

We are leading the development of a world-class campus for innovation in clean energy, supporting next generation nuclear, hydrogen, and clean energy technologies. Canada’s leading research institutions, industry, technology developers, and organizations focused on the future of global energy are coming together to find solutions that optimize these technologies for real-world applications.

The Helius Clean Energy Innovation Centre (“Helius”) will unite top-tier Canadian academic institutions, industrial leaders, new nuclear reactor developers, and utilities to advance clean energy technologies that combat climate change and alleviate global energy poverty. The cornerstone of this innovation campus is a 10 MW, electrically heated helium test loop for the development, testing, and qualification of materials, components, and systems utilized in high temperature gas reactors. Secondary loops mimic the actual usage of technologies to be married with advanced nuclear reactors, including thermal energy storage, hydrogen generation, industrial/district heating, and niche applications (e.g., water treatment, advanced materials).

As part of the Helius initiative, we have partnered with X-energy for the design, construction, and operation of a Helium Test Facility (as outlined in https://x-energy.com/media/new...). X-Energy website.