Cable Life Cycle

Management Services

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What differentiates Kinectrics as a cable life cycle management services company is our ability to support all stages of the cable life cycle to help ensure safe and reliable operation of your network with data-driven, pragmatic investment decisions.

Electricity networks have been leaders in asset management for decades. For most asset classes, there are detailed asset management plans in place which are continuously improved and refined.

Underground cables are a vital and significant part of the electricity network, but these assets have largely been forgotten from detailed asset management plans. Historically, networks have benefitted from a high degree of redundancy and surplus capacity in their circuits. Cable failures did not necessarily lead to network failures and outages, and buried cables have been out of sight, and out of mind.

As we transition to a net-zero carbon economy, electricity networks will carry increasing demands, including higher loads, changing load profiles and a need for greater flexibility. At the same time, regulatory scrutiny is increasing to try and control costs while ensuring networks are ready to meet these challenges.

In this context, proactive planning, measurement and management of cable assets is becoming more important.

Our strength is offering services across the cable life cycle. By combining materials and cable design expertise with lab and field testing, we have insights into cable performance and ageing that nobody else has. This lets us do the planning and asset strategies better than anybody else.​​