HTLS Conductor Testing Lab - Hyderabad, India
Enabling Safe, Quality Conductors that Meet Design Life Criteria

Kinectrics’ Conductor Testing Laboratory is an internationally recognized, third-party independent facility in Hyderabad, India aimed at testing High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) conductors. With the implementation of a variety of advanced test machines, we offer a range of testing services including, ultimate tensile strength, ambient & high temperature stress-strain tests, and coefficient of linear expansion tests.


The facility is future ready, having the capability to test conductors up to 500 kN UTS and 5000 A rated currents, as well as execute high temperature and composite core breaking load tests at 100,000 lbs. capacity. The testing lab is equipped with modern amenities and state of the art instruments to offer testing services that are in accordance with global standards. 

Our Kinectrics India lab is now ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited by NABL, India and ISO 9001:2015 accredited as well. We are fully operational and are conducting tests and certifying overhead conductors and accessories according to International and Indian standards since April, 2021.

Lab Highlights:​​​
Horizontal Test Machine


The hydraulic test machine will have a 100,000 lb. capacity, at a 15 m sample length, with self-supporting construction that has been sourced and/or fabricated in India. The testing offered with the horizontal test machine will include ambient and high temperature stress-strain/breaking load tests, coefficient of linear expansion tests, and torsional ductility tests.



Conductor Dynamics Spans


Sheave test spans will evaluate installation stresses in a simulated manner at 25,000 lbf., at a 35 m sample length, with all materials being sourced and/or fabricated in India. The aeolian vibration test span will monitor the impact that wind-induced vibration cycles have on conductors.


Third Party Independent Testing

Kinectrics’ Conductor Testing Laboratory offers third party independent testing of HTLS conductors in accordance with industry standards. The services offered are impartial and have no affiliation to the manufacturer or the end user of the equipment being tested. 

​ Vertical Test Machine


The vertical test machine will have a 100,000 lb. capacity, at a 3 m sample length, with fully contained equipment. The testing offered with the vertical test machine will include breaking load tests for composite cores, as well as compression and crush tests.




 Thermo-Mechanical Test Bay


Temperature cycle and endurance tests will be executed at a 30,000 lb. capacity, at a 10 m sample length, with self-supporting construction.




 Major Project Cost and Time Savings


Kinectrics’ Conductor Testing Laboratory is reasonably accessible from the city of Hyderabad and is a 1.5-hour drive from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The testing lab saves both time and resources for customers in proximity, with a faster turn-around time. In addition, the lab is customer focused and dedicated to the India market.