Third-Party High Voltage

Transmission Cable Commissioning


Are you confident your transmission cable system will perform as designed for its lifetime?

RTS Unit in the field with workers

​Kinectrics completes commissioning tests on underground & subsea high voltage (HV) ​transmission class cable systems, identifying life-limiting defects before cables go into operation or after cable repair. Without commissioning, the risks are catastrophic – premature failure under load can result in damage to the cable itself, damage to adjacent cables, outages and subsequent grid complications. The costs associated with premature cable failures include not only repair or replacement, but also lost generation revenue.
As an independent service provider testing in compliance with industry standards (IEC 60840, IEC 62067, AEIC CS9, ICEA S-108-720 and HD 632 SCT 36), Kinectrics’ team of experts has successfully commissioned 6,500 km of both onshore and offshore HV cable over the last several decades. Kinectrics owns a fleet of Resonant Test Systems (RTS) globally, allowing for longer and higher voltage cable testing, and rapid deployment of test units in both North America and Europe. 

Resonant testing, from 20 – 300Hz for land cables and 10 – 300Hz for offshore cables, is the only effective method to commission high voltage cables; and when combined with Kinectrics’ distributed Partial Discharge measurement system it also allows for detection of gross and latent defects on all accessories, even on very long cables (50 km +) – providing a turnkey solution to our customers.
Let our experts ensure your cable system is fit for service with Kinectrics’ high voltage underground & subsea transmission cable commissioning.

On-Site High Voltage Underground and Subsea Transmission Cable Testing Capabilities:

3 circles with Commissioning testing in one, Maintenance Testing in another and failure analysis in the last all overlapping 

Find out why we recommend using an AC voltage test, combined with partial discharge diagnostics, as the only effective method to ensure a reliable cable system: