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Technical Training Webinar featuring BAUR GmbH:
Commissioning and Testing of MV to EHV Cable Systems

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm BST


Join us on September 22 for an in-depth virtual training session as our expert panel of presenters discuss the following topics:

  • • A comprehensive test sequence for HV and EHV cables: Andrew Barclay, Technical Director Transmission Cables, Kinectrics International Europe ApS, UK
  • • Cable diagnostics TD and PD using sine wave VLF: Martin Jenny, Product Manager, BAUR GmbH, Austria
  • • Partial Discharge Detection and Localization on Transmission Cables: Paul Farid, Field Testing & Diagnostics Engineer, Kinectrics UK Ltd., UK
  • • Cable life expectancy prediction and determining re-test interval: Experience and Solution: Martin Jenny, Product Manager, BAUR GmbH, Austria

Presenter Bios:

Andrew Barclay has been the technical leader of Kinectrics Europe cable testing business since 2012; before that he worked in cable testing in the field, development laboratory and production test facility, as well as in research and project management.

Paul Farid is a Commissioning and Diagnostics Engineer at Kinectrics UK performing commissioning tests and complex Partial Discharge measurements on Transmission class cables across Europe. Paul previously worked as a Regional Application Specialist for Partial Discharge and Tan Delta Measurements on various High Voltage and Medium Voltage Assets.

Martin Jenny started working for Baur in 2008 as product manager and has experience in the field of cable testing and diagnostics. Since 2017, Martin’s been responsible for product and innovation management at Baur, with a focus on new methods for cable measurement technology. Martin also has experience with VLF Offline (including tan-delta and partial discharge) testing and 50Hz online partial discharge measurement.

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Do you know the condition of your power connectors? A wildfire mitigation strategy

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT


The electrical grid can be described as an interconnected machine which depends on the integrity of power line connectors to deliver safe and sustainable electric service. Improper selection, installation or lack of routine inspection & maintenance can lead to premature connector failure potentially resulting in wildfires, major capital costs, and even loss of life. Preventative maintenance begins with proactive testing and knowing the health of connectors in-service.

This webinar provides insights into the importance of power connectors and how to effectively harden the electrical system against risk events, such as wildfires, using both field and laboratory-based inspection techniques. Specifically, we will address:

  • 1. Selection and testing of connectors during front-end system design
  • 2. Installation and testing of connectors in the field to identify and implement proper QA/QC parameters
  • 3. Field based diagnostic testing for identification and assessment of the “general health” of connectors while in-service
  • 4. Laboratory based failure investigation and condition assessment – a “reactive” step that can help to improve inspection and maintenance techniques
  • 5. Causal factors & root cause analysis of failed connectors


Genti Gorja graduated from the University of Tirana with B. Sc. Hons. in Electrical Engineering. His employment experience includes Albanian Power Corporation, Implo Technologies Inc., and more recently Burndy Canada Inc. (part of Hubbell Construction and Energy Group) in the role of Engineering and Production Manager for IMPLO® products. His expertise has been responsible for the development, design, testing and field support for implosive connectors.

Since joining Kinectrics in February 2019, Mr. Gorja has been primarily involved with the mechanical and electrical testing of Transmission and Distribution Overhead Line Components as well as Substation and Grounding Connectors. As a Principal Engineer, he specializes in the laboratory type testing, condition assessment and failure investigation of electric connectors for use between conductors used in overhead electrical conductors.

His training has included Energy Management in Japan and PLS CADD, PLS Pole for Emergency Restoration Tower design and installation at Tower Solutions Inc.

He is a current a member of CSA C57 Subcommittee overseeing the development and maintenance of Electric power connectors for use in overhead line conductors and the associated hardware. His special interests include the field application of connectors in the context of power transmission systems.

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