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Arc Hazard Services

Comprehensive Arc Testing and Hazard Analysis Services by Leading Industry Experts

Arc Testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With customers around the world, Kinectrics High Current Laboratory (HCL) is renowned for arc hazard analysis. In addition to High Current Testing services for Distribution, Transmission and other industrial equipment, Kinectrics conducts power arc testing for the evaluation of materials and garments. Power arc testing is carried out in accordance with ASTM and IEC standards, or other client specifications as required. Standard tests include:
  • ASTM F1959, Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) on FR fabrics and systems
  • ASTM F1891, ATPV on arc resistant rainwear
  • ASTM F2178,  ATPV on face shields and hoods using instrumented heads
  • ASTM F2621, Arc exposure of finished products to verify design integrity
  • ASTM F887, Arc exposure on fall-arrest systems using mannequins
  • IEC 61482, Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) on FB fabrics system
  • Arc suppression blankets

Setting Industry Standards

Kinectrics HCL works closely with ASTM, IEC, EPRI and other Standards organizations continuously developing arc test methods, and advancing the understanding of arc phenomenon.
We also offer DC arc testing, incident replication and other custom test programs.

Arc Hazard Analysis

Kinectrics defines inputs for the following arc hazard variables and then for the end user, computes the amount of radiant and convected thermal energy available at individual sites. Kinectrics is then able to recommend the protective clothing suitable for workers who may be accidentally exposed to electric arc at these facilities.
Arc hazard analysis variables:
  • Arcing fault current
  • Arc duration controlled by protective devices
  • Length of the arc, and
  • Distance of the worker from the arc

ARCPRO™ Software for Arc Hazard Assessment and PPE Selection

ARCPRO™ has become the industry’s most widely-used application for computing arc hazards and selecting protective clothing for single arc situations, particularly for High voltage Transmission and Distribution applications not addressed by other methods.

How it Works

Kinectrics ARCPRO™ calculates the thermal parameters of electrical arcs and is designed to provide users with data regarding heat exposure, total heat flux and heat energy on a surface at various distances from an electric arc. The software is used to predict the potential arc hazard in a particular work environment.
ARCPRO™ computations have been verified by live arc testing and arc hazard analysis in Kinectrics’ High Current laboratory. 

Arc Hazard Training

Kinectrics full Arc Hazard Engineering Course is led by Stephen Cress. This course is designed for engineers in utilities, and industry safety officers, program managers and procurement staff responsible for arc hazard analysis in the selection of protective clothing and equipment.

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