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Distributed Generation Services - An Overview

Expertise for Efficient, Cost-effective DG Support

Kinectrics' expert support for Distributed Generation benefits both distribution utilities and facility owners. We offer comprehensive consulting, engineering study, design, and testing services that help utilities accommodate high penetrations of distributed generation efficiently.

Kinectrics also has extensive experience assisting clients in getting distributed generation projects on-line quickly and cost-effectively.

Services for Distribution Utilities

Kinectrics’ specialized, in-depth knowledge and experience provides effective support to enable utilities to successfully integrate DG into their existing systems.  Services include:

Specialized Transient Studies (EMTP, PSCAD, RTDS)
  • Kinectrics is an industry leader in both off-line and real-time transient analysis.  Past Kinectrics DG transient studies have focused on the following areas: unintentional islanding of inverters, low voltage ride-through, fault ride-through, and harmonic studies.
Laboratory Testing
  • In addition to High Voltage (HV) and High Current (HC) labs, Kinectrics has a new inverter testing facility, capable of testing inverters to IEEE 1547.1 standards. Kinectrics can also perform short-circuit, ride-through, and other specialized tests for DG. 
Interconnection Standards Development
  • Utilities often struggle to develop comprehensive interconnection requirements for Distributed Generation—in part because no comprehensive industry standards exist.  Kinectrics can assist utilities in determining technical requirements for DG that are capable of addressing the needs of distribution systems both now, and in the future.
  • Many Kinectrics employees are internationally-recognized industry experts who actively participate in local and international standards development, including the IEEE 1547 family of standards.

Connection Impact Assessments (CIA) 

  • Kinectrics performs CIAs for several major utilities on an ongoing basis. We continually improve the technical assessment process to include the latest research done by Kinectrics and others involved in field testing and commissioning.


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