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Technical Council Award

July 09, 2018

Yury Tsimberg, Director, Asset Management at Kinectrics was recently awarded a Technical Council Award by CIGRE for his work on power system development and economics. CIGRE is an international non-profit association that promotes experts from around the world to share knowledge to improve electrics power systems. This prestigious award is awarded every 2 years and approved by the Technical Council Chairman.  

Yury is the Canadian representative on Study Committee SC1, “System Planning and Economics” and is part of the Committee's Management Team as the Asset Management Group Convener. Under his leadership, SC1 identified the need for and initiated creation of 2 Working Groups as well as the development of the “Green Book” on Asset Management with work currently under way. He is also planning to identify emerging issues in the asset management area at the CIGRE bi-annual Congress in Paris in August of this year with the objective of creating at least one more Working Group.

Yury’s work continues to put Kinectrics as a leader in the asset management industry.

Konstantin Staschus, Ph.D., Chair, CIGRE Study Commitee 1 (SC1) "Power System Development and Economics and Yury Tsimberg, Director, Asset Management at Kinectrics.