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Cable Flame Testing

Expert Technical support for Independent Testing Facilities
Expanded Test Capabilities
Kinectrics’ own testing capabilities are unrivalled. However, instances occur when customers require testing to be performed by others, but employ Kinectrics’ subject matter experts and quality inspectors to deliver the testing under Kinectrics’ approved nuclear Quality Assurance program.
For this project, the customer required flame testing of specimen cables at a specific laboratory, which did not have a customer-approved quality system. The customer needed a third party with an independent inspection staff, knowledgeable about the specific technical requirements, to supervise the testing to ensure the end results were fully compliant with nuclear Quality Assurance (QA) requirements.
The Kinectrics Solution
  • Kinectrics contracted with the customer identified test laboratory to perform the desired testing.
  • Kinectrics’ QA personnel surveyed the laboratory’s quality system to determine what quality gaps existed between that system and the Kinectrics nuclear Quality Assurance program requirements.
  • For the gaps identified, Kinectrics applied augmented inspections and surveillance of the test activities.  A subject-matter expert and independent inspector were dispatched to the subcontracted laboratory to verify key quality and technical aspects of the testing, including specimen receipt and control, measuring and test equipment calibration, specimen preparation, and flame-testing conduct, as well as reporting of results.

Specialized Expertise

While Kinectrics’ facilities were not used to perform the physical testing, our technical and quality experts provided essential oversight to ensure that this third-party testing complied with our nuclear Quality Assurance program and, met the specific requirements and expectations of our customer.

Enhanced Customer Benefits

As a result of Kinectrics' participation in providing expert oversight, the customer's specific testing and nuclear Quality Assurance requirements for the project were successfully met.