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Direct Replacement Assemblies for Discontinued Equipment

Complete services to provide qualified replacement components

Project Objective

The client required replacement of electric bus connector assemblies for Motor Control Centers in a US nuclear station. Replacement electric bus connector assemblies were not available as the original manufacturer was no longer in business.
Scope of Work

This project consisted of supporting the client to obtain the replacement bus connector assemblies, which could be installed directly to replace the originally supplied equipment.  While fundamentally, this was an “obsolete parts” challenge, the project required reverse engineering, equipment qualification and dedication, controlled assembly, and delivery.

The Kinectrics Solution

Kinectrics' solution in providing the replacement bus connector assemblies involved a number of complex elements and steps that included:

  • Rigorous reconstruction and reconciliation of 1960s and 1970s design standards and manufacturing processes and, qualification requirements to meet current design, qualification and licensing requirements, and nuclear industry expectations. 
  • Coordination with the client and an alternate manufacturer to establish form, fit and function design details.
  • Development of critical characteristics, which would need to be proven through Equipment Qualification (EQ) testing and later, validated through the Commercial Grade Dedication process.
  • The development and execution of Equipment Qualification tests and analyses included:
  1. Design and fabrication of appropriate fixtures to effectively mimic as installed interfaces and environmental conditions.
  2. Baseline testing to establish performance characteristics of the new equipment.
  3. Accelerated aging to take representative specimens to their end-of-life condition, including accelerated thermal aging and irradiation, as well as mechanical cycling.
  4. Electrical stress testing.
  5. Seismic proof testing.
  6. Fault current testing.  


  • Development of an equivalency analysis to support use of the new direct replacements.
  • Development and execution of Commercial Grade Dedication plans and procedures for constituent parts of the new bus connector assemblies, assembly processes and, Final Acceptance Testing (FAT) and dedication of the deliverable units.

Client Benefits

Kinectrics’ comprehensive services on this project resulted in the effective reconstruction of original design and qualification basis information. The information was then successfully utilized to commercially manufacture direct replacement hardware, prove the function and adequacy of the new equipment, and allow the commercial replacement hardware to be fully dedicated for nuclear safety-related use.
Complete technical support by Kinectrics enabled the client to successfully meet a significant challenge to its operating plant when key equipment manufacturing and design information was no longer available.