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Distributed Generation - Power Quality Analysis

Analysis of the Power Quality Impacts of Over 30 DG Projects

Kinectrics' client, a large Canadian utility has created detailed technical requirements for DG interconnections, and studies each project to predict the impact on power quality before approving the project.

The utility's personnel wanted to collect and analyze field measurements to verify compliance, and the accuracy of their connection impact assessments.

Kinectrics analyzed power quality data to determine the impact on the client's feeder voltage performance resulting from various renewable generation projects, ranging in size from 500 kW to 20 MW. Wind, PV solar, small hydro, biogas and landfill gas projects were studied.

The project was completed successfully and provided valuable information to the client. Kinectrics identified several DG projects that were causing power quality problems and quantified the impacts on the distribution system. For each project, Kinectrics provided practical recommendations for effective mitigating solutions.

As a result of these studies, the client had the necessary information to correct the power quality problems and ensure that their customers continued to receive high-quality electrical power.