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PRA Methodology for Seismic Events and Fire Hazards

An Effective Approach to Support Operational Decision-making
Methodology for Seismic and Fire PRAs
Canadian Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) are required to prepare Probabilistic Risk Assessments (PRA) for a range of initiators, including internal fire and seismic events.  The methodologies for the PRAs must be accepted by the Canadian nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The operators of the multi-unit CANDUs located in Ontario required methodologies acceptable to the CNSC in order to prepare PRAs for internal fire and seismic events. .

Scope of work

Kinectrics was required to prepare these PRA methodologies to be consistent with best industry practices and, which would be acceptable to the CNSC. 
Kinectrics prepared PRA methodologies to meet the above requirements and, take into account the unique design features of multi-unit CANDU NPPs. Kinectrics methodologies adopted a phased approach that allowed the NPPs to tailor the level of detail in each PRA to suit the risk for the hazard.
All methodologies were prepared under a rigorous Quality Assurance program that is consistent with both Canadian and international standards.
The methodologies were submitted to the regulator and Kinectrics provided complete technical support to address any questions and comments made by the CNSC.
Project results  
The PRA methodologies were accepted by the CNSC and then used by the NPPs to prepare PRAs for internal fire and seismic events and support operational decision making.
Client benefits  
Kinectrics methodology and its application permitted the NPPs to comply with the CNSC regulations. The Kinectrics application of a phased approach led to significant cost reductions for the client in the preparation of the Probabilistic Risk Assessments.