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Qualification of Grout

Using combined capabilities to ensure product quality

Specialized Product Qualification

Qualification Testing is typically performed for electrical and mechanical components. However, certain structural elements occasionally require proof testing to verify specified strength qualities. In this instance, the customer needed evidence that the epoxy grout would perform as expected when subjected to the severe stressors that might be encountered in service.

Due to the unique nature of this objective Kinectrics was engaged to create a suitable test program.

The Kinectrics Solution
  • Kinectrics designed and fabricated appropriate fixtures to support the testing, and prepared the grout specimens, a process which involved the interface with structural steel members.
  • The test specimens were then subjected to a battery of tests, including vibration aging, seismic proof testing, and ultimate tensile strength testing.

Quality Assurance and Client Benefits

Utilizing the physical testing resources available at Kinectrics facilities and the expertise of Kinectrics technical specialists, the customer acquired the objective evidence necessary to demonstrate the adequacy of the epoxy grout. The empirical evidence provided was key to resolving the customers concerns that the grout would perform as required.