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Radiation Shielding - Project Experience

Successful projects by a highly qualified team of specialists

A selection of recent projects completed by Kinectrics' highly qualified team of radiation shielding specialists is shown below:

  • Fast-neutron shielding design and preparation of estimates of neutron flux and activation, together with the resulting gamma and neutron dose rates, to support an application for a Class II Nuclear Facility license for a Small Scale Plasma Pulse Verification Program.
  • Preparation of the "Source Term and Radiation Field Assessment Report" for the Shielded Modular above Ground Storage Buildings constructed in the Waste Management Area of a large nuclear waste facility.
  • Supported a reassessment of the conceptual design of a Deep Geological Repository (DGR) for used nuclear fuel by preparing shielding assessments of the transportation casks, the Used Fuel Packaging Plant and the Underground Emplacement Rooms.
  • Performed shielding calculations to support the design of a Deep Geological Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Waste at a nuclear site.
  • Prepared primary and secondary barrier shielding assessments for a stereotatic X-ray teletherapy installation.
  • Prepared estimates of dose rates near used nuclear fuel bundles.
  • Prepared dose estimates for normal operations and hypothetical accidents at a variety of nuclear facilities.