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Refurbishment of Heat Exchangers

Refurbishment Support for Two CANDU Heat Exchangers

The Problem

Heat exchanger efficiency deteriorated due to secondary side scale build-up, and corrosion had significantly reduced shell wall thickness.  Tube bundles were to be cleaned of deposits and a new shell installed.  Each CANDU heat exchanger was approximately 10 m long with a weight of over 20 Tonnes.

Decontamination of the heat exchangers was not necessary, and client personnel worked under Kinectrics’ radiation and safety monitoring guidelines.

The Process

The client’s workers were trained in radiation safety procedures by Kinectrics.  Each heat exchanger emitted significant fields, while disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly all presented the risk of loose contamination hazards.

The Solution

The heat exchangers were refurbished sequentially.  Shell removal was followed by chemical cleaning of tube bundles and installation of new replacement shells.  Real-time, expedited chemical process support was provided by Kinectrics’ Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, which relieved the client from the need to acquire additional resources and staff onsite. 

The disposal of large volumes of radioactive items was supported by Kinectrics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory analyses, while smaller items were facilitated directly by Kinectrics. 

Both heat exchangers were successfully refurbished, returned, and installed by the client.