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Seismic Qualification of 10 inch Butterfly Valve - Static Side Load Testing

Expert services and advanced facilities for Static Side Load testing in accordance with N289.4

Project Objective

The client required seismic qualification of a 10” butterfly valve with actuator. Qualification of the valve (actuator qualified previously) was performed using a Static Side Load Test in accordance with CSA N289.4.  Qualification of valves by Static Side Load Test is a lower cost option than a dynamic seismic test, as it is not a destructive test. 
Kinectrics was selected by the client to perform the work based on its Equipment Qualification (EQ) expertise, nuclear industry knowledge, and advanced test facilities.
Scope of Work

The seismic qualification program for this project was completed to meet Design Basis Event (DBE) Category ‘B’, which requires that a device maintain its pressure boundary integrity and functions during and following an applicable seismic event.   

The scope of testing included a visual inspection, functional baseline test, Static Side Load Test, and final functional test. Testing was completed under Kinectrics’ QA program, which meets the requirements of Canadian nuclear standards.
Kinectrics Solution
Kinectrics developed a turnkey solution for the client that included the following:
  • Test plan development  in accordance with all technical and QA requirements
  • In-house design and fabrication of a test fixture, including rigid frame for valve mounting, attachment of a frame to the Kinectrics strong floor, and actuator for applying side load to the valve
  • Execution of testing and analysis of data, in accordance with customer supplied specifications, test plan, and CSA N289.4
  • Test report providing assurance of qualification to DBE Category B 

Client Benefits 

Kinectrics delivered this test program to the client on budget and on schedule within a short time frame (test start Dec. 2015, customer acceptance of final report Jan. 2016) utilizing a highly-skilled team comprising a project manager, a seismic engineer, and mechanical/electrical engineers. 
Kinectrics has extensive nuclear industry experience and unparalleled seismic facilities, including a single axis Random Input Motion (RIM) table, tri-axial Random Multi-Frequency (RMF) table, and a strong floor for Static Side Load Testing; making Kinectrics a leader in performing seismic qualification testing services.