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Treating and Processing Radioactive Liquid Legacy Waste

Improved Matinenance and Life Extension via Processing of Hydraulic Fluids from CANDU Stations

Kinectrics was involved in the development and successful deployment of a process for removal of all of the key contaminants present in fire resistant hydraulic fluids used at CANDU stations. A systematic approach to address rapid degradation of hydraulic fluids at various CANDU stations was taken. Key objectives of the project were:

  • Assessment of existing electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems at CANDU stations
  • Review of industry OPEX
  • Detailed characterization of in-service hydraulic fluids and treatment systems
  • Development of novel process options for significant improvement to hydraulic fluid treatment
  • Provide recommendations for improved maintenance and life extension of EHC fluids

Several drums of highly degraded hydraulic fluids from three different CANDU stations were processed via a suite of unit operations that included head space membrane dryer, electrostatic filtration and novel dry ion exchange resins. Recommendations made by Kinectrics have been successfully adopted by some CANDU stations. Other stations are in the process of implementing Kinectrics' recommendations.