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Vacuum Building Outage Support

In multi-unit Canadian CANDU stations, the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic components forming the dousing system in the vacuum building are inspected every ten years during the Vacuum Building Outage.

Examinations Performed by Kinectrics

During the course of the Vacuum Building Outage, examinations of the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) components forming the dousing system were performed in situ by Kinectrics personnel. Due to the magnitude of this work around-the-clock, support was provided for a few weeks.

These FRP inspections were performed in line with the requirements of CAN/CSA-N285.5-M90 “Periodic Inspection of CANDU Nuclear Power Plant Containment Components”.

Kinectrics technicians used visual inspections, hardness measurements, and UT thickness measurements to assess the condition of the FRP components.

Sample Testing

To complement the in-situ FRP inspections, station personnel collected FRP samples and sent them to Kinectrics for testing. The samples were tested for basic mechanical and physical properties, such as tensile, flexural and compression properties.

Results were provided before the end of the outage and used by the station to determine the fitness-for-service of components. Kinectrics engineers supported analysis and disposition of the FRP inspection findings.

Inaugural inspections were also performed on repairs of original components and on newly installed components. All work was successfully completed on schedule by Kinectrics staff.