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Battery Storage Program

Complete Technical Facilities for Reliable Nuclear Parts Qualification
Project objective


Kinectrics’ client required a qualified vendor to provide a customized charging and maintenance solution for several unique battery bank systems used for start-up operation of standby generators.  The solution needed specific maintenance procedures to be followed, as well as inspections at the battery cell manufacturing facilities.


Kinectrics capabilities 

Kinectrics has a long history of providing specialized maintenance programs including solutions ranging from maintenance of hydraulic and rotating machine mechanical equipment to development of custom battery charging equipment.  Kinectrics has a deep background in electrical engineering spanning decades, as well as established relationships with battery cell OEMs willing to share engineering details and develop novel solutions.

Scope of work
The client’s program had 2 phases. Phase 1 required the Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) of battery banks involving development of custom charging equipment, load banks and specialized safety measures, including hydrogen gas detection systems. The procedures were refined based on client input and OEM guidance, as well as Kinectrics’ engineering expertise. Phase 1 was successful and Kinectrics now anticipates Phase 2, which involves supporting the expanded maintenance program in the near future. In Phase 2, several battery banks will be stored and monitored in a ready state, for timely deployment to the client as demand occurs.

Client benefits
The client gains a vastly improved maintenance program that will monitor and report on the condition of these important assets for years to come. The program allows for fine tuning of preventative maintenance windows, as well as providing peace of mind for the client regarding the availability of critical spare equipment.